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African Wax Prints


Material: 100% Polyester

Design: Custom African Print

Type: Wax Fabric

Usage: Traditional Dress

This fabric boasts bold and vivid colors that are typical of traditional African prints. The hues are rich and eye-catching, ensuring that your traditional dress will stand out.

The fabric can be custom printed with your unique designs, allowing for personalized and culturally significant patterns. This flexibility ensures that each piece can be tailored to individual preferences or specific occasions.

Utilizing the wax print technique, this fabric features intricate patterns with a high level of detail and precision. The wax printing process ensures the colors are deeply embedded in the fabric, resulting in long-lasting vibrancy.

Ideal for making traditional dresses, the fabric is also suitable for various other garments and accessories such as skirts, head wraps, and shirts, allowing for a coordinated and complete traditional look.

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